Craft Beer Fundraiser Raising Money for Employees Only NEO Charity

Organized by : Sara Cleary and The Cleveland Craft Beer Community

Sara Cleary says “For a while now I have been pondering what I could do with the cellar of beer I have amassed over almost ten years of living and working in the beer industry. The pandemic hit and I was laid off from the beer world and started thinking about all the amazing people I have met throughout the years in bars and restaurants across NEO and how tough things must be for them right now. That led to the birth of this beer raffle for Employees Only NEO. I touched base with our fearless CCBC leaders Bobby and Brad and they agreed that this group could be a jump start platform for this! I have pulled a bunch of bottles along with some fabulous other beer industry folks and fans and we have put together a list of over XX bottles you can potentially win. All of the proceeds will be donated to Employees Only NEO so they can continue the great work they are doing to support our service industry folks at this time (check them out on Instagram).”


– The raffle will launch on May 15th and you will be able to purchase tickets through midnight on May 29th.
– In order to receive an entry for the raffle all you have to do is give a $5 donation to the GoFundMe campaign we have set up (see link below). GoFundMe will then directly donate the money we raise to Employees Only NEO. (donations are also tax deductible)
– Then post a screen shot of your donation to the GoFundMe Campaign in the event so we can easily track your raffle ticket purchases
– Every $5 you donate gets you one entry into the raffle. So for instance if you donate $20 you get 4 entries. Please only donate in increments of 5.
– We will build a spreadsheet of all tickets purchase and use a random online program to choose the person based on the row number from the spreadsheet.
– The tickets will be pulled in the order they are listed below so the more tickets you buy the better chance you have of getting the initial bottles. Names will not be returned to the pot after they are pulled but you can win more than one bottle.
– All beer will need to be picked up at my house in Lakewood through a no contact exchange. I WILL NOT SHIP ANY BEER.
– I will do a live video pull of the winners within 7 days of closing the raffle.



Please invite your friends and family to this event! The more money we can raise for our friends the better.

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