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Basic Membership

A very in expensive way to advertise your location. You'll get all the basics and some great monthly promotion via our social media. Membership paid annually.
$10.00 / month
Location Listed on TasteCLE.com
One Facebook Post per Month
One Instagram Post per Month

Standard Membership

A package that gets you more than a basic listing and allows you to promote your events. Also includes more posting of your food pics to promote your location. And you get the email newsletter. Includes a basic listing on SundayBrunchCleveland.com Membership paid annually.
$30.00 / month
Location with Pics on TasteCLE.com
Social Media Posts
Events Listed and Promoted
Basic Listing on SundayBrunchCleveland.com

Sunday Brunch - Basic

Get your location added to SundayBrunchCleveland.com with a basic listing that allows all our visitors to see your place as option for brunch.
$10.00 / month
Listing on Website
No Picture Gallery or Online Menu

Winery/Brewery Membership

Similar to our premium membership with a few changes and additions to focus on the production brands in Cleveland.
$60.00 / month
Full Listing on TasteCLE.com
Winery Spotlight 1x Month
Events Listed on Site and Social
Email Newsetter
Wines Used at One of Our Events
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