Ladies Meaty Delight

My name is Bertha Abston, but I am called Lady, I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a woman black owned business who has been cooking for over 35 years, I learned from my grandmother the best. I stayed in the kitchen with her. I started Ladies Meaty Delight 7 years ago, in 2017. Cooking is my passion, so, when you eat some to assure that you will love every bite you endure Ladies Meaty Delight serves in Cuyahoga Area. Downtown Cleveland on W, 3d and E 9th prospect, and East Side of Cleveland on 105th Superior. We make food to perfection right in front of your eyes, not behind the scenes cooking. Everything is fresh & grilled, and fried. My mission is to keep our customers happy. with the finest Beef Hot Dog with sweet and garlic chili, Quarter Pound Cheeseburgers, Big Italian Sausage, Hot also, Gyros, Loaded Fries, Nacho Cheese Red Hot Polish Sausage, Polish Boys & Girls and many more delicious foods.

Upcoming Spots You Can Find Me

June 1 – Pride Parade
June 19th – Junteenth (Mall C)

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