Hello everyone. My name is O’Neal Pointer. I represent the Food Truck known around town as His & Hers. We have been in business for 3 year now and we are making great strides. With our very cost effective menu that offer some of Cleveland’s most desired dishes, we feel as though we have set the bar as far as quality, taste, affordability, and comfort. His & Hers has done extensive research to see w hat Cleveland wants and what Cleveland needs. As a lifelong citizen of Cleveland growing up in the heart of the city I have a strong connection to the city and how to satisfy the city one dish at a time.

Upcoming Spots You Can Find Me

5/22/24 – Walnut Wednesday
5/24/24 – Free Stamp Friday
5/24/24 – Beachwood Truck Park
5/29/24 – Walnut Wednesday
5/31/24 – Beachwood Truck Park

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