Chocolate Fest Cleveland 2020 To Postpone Event Due To Coronavirus

Event will be Postponed, NOT Canceled. All tickets are still Good

Cleveland, Ohio | The 3rd annual Chocolate Fest Cleveland has been postponed due to the coronavirus. It is NOT canceled. This decision was made after the Governor made his announcement about large gatherings. We truly didn’t want to have to postpone the event but it’s at a point where all events in the area are being either postponed or canceled. Again, we are NOT canceling this event. Simply making a date change. There will not be refunds done as of now. All tickets will be good for the new date. We will be emailing all ticket holders with date change and updates. If for some reason the new date does not work for you, simply email us back and we will work with you. There is so much that goes into these events that it’s just much worse to cancel it then do a date change. Besides, we all love chocolate so it would be a sad day if we just canceled it. 

It’s very important that you have Taste CLE in your email address book. This will ensure that you get updates from us in regards to this event and any other event. So please add conner@tastecleveland.net as all emails will be coming from him. You can also visit TasteCLE.com and scroll to the bottom of the page where all our articles and news are posted. 

All of our chocolate vendors have worked very hard and already created tons of products. We need people’s support since they made so much product for the event and are now sitting on it. Taste CLE will have a page online where you can see all the vendors and you can buy from them directly and they will ship to you. The website address for this will be : https://chocolatefestcleveland.com/love/

Both Taste CLE and Lago Custom Events are very sorry for what our community is going through. This situation is bad for everyone including those that end up getting sick and all the businesses that are affected by the lack of people coming to them. Please do your best to support these locally owned businesses during this trying time. They have families and staff and need to make money like everyone else and many in the hospitality industry are going to get hit very hard by this. Watch your elders and those with underlying conditions as well. Feed your body healthy foods and do your best to be clean and sanitary. Best wishes to everyone in Cleveland and the rest of the world. 

Event Page : https://tastecle.com/event/chocolate-fest-cleveland-2020/

FaceBook Event : https://www.facebook.com/events/2628050600565469/

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