Vendor Opportunities

Taste CLE offers a great opportunity for you to get in front of thousands of people at our event and 10’s of thousands online. If you are interested in being a vendor at one of our events, plesae fill out the form and you’ll be added to our database. We email our database when we have upcoming events and you can then apply for the events you are interested in.

Each vendor is responsible for their own tent, tables, chairs and other items needed to operate. Your spot is only locked in once you pay your vendor fee. We choose which vendors are invited to our events as we want balance and different styles. We won’t bring in 4 shirt vendors or 4 jewelry vendors. It’s important to have various types at our events. So pay your vendor fee right away or you might lose your spot.

*This is not for FOOD TRUCKS or FOOD VENDORS. This is for general vendors that want to sell their product or service.
If you have a food truck and would like to be at one of our events, please visit https://tastecle.com/foodtrucks/

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