Form – Staff Signup

Work for Taste CLE

Thank you for your interest in working at one of our events. Please use the form to sign up for the positions you are interested in. Read below to see requirements for each position before applying for it. * Next event is Cheese & Wine Fest Cleveland on Nov 19th at Landerhaven in Mayfield Hts

APPS – Everyone will need the following app in order to sign up for shifts. An invite will be sent to you once you are approved.

Payment will be made via PayPal. This is the only option. You must have a PayPal account. And you’ll be 1099’d so its your responsibility to pay your own income tax.

Check In ($15/hr)
No experience necessary. You will need to download two apps to your cell phone to check folks in.

Setup / Breakdown ($20/hr)
There is a fair amount of lifting and heavy items. Hanging lights, putting up tables and fencing. This is more for our younger people with lots of energy. Great for college kids and high school kids. And this is really good money for high school and college kids.

Social Media Influencers ($5 per ticket sold)
We have our on influencer program where you use a special link code which tracks all the people you send to our site. Anyone that you send that buys a ticket, you get $5 per ticket sold.

Pourers ($15/hr) – Bartender ($10/hr plus tips)
Our events are usually around 4 hours. In some cases, pourers can put out trip jars like at Tequila Fest. But higher end events like our wine events, no tip jars as they are a bit tacky. It is your responsibility to bring a small and tactful tip jar. Don’t bring some big huge ugly tip jar. Make something nice and inviting. You also need to have experience in the alcohol world. People with WSET Level 1 for Wine or similar certifications will be paid more. So the money you make getting paid more will pay for your certification. So get it 🙂

Brand Partnerships ($50 per location sign up)
If you have contacts in the Cleveland market with local restaurants/bars, breweries, distributors, wineries and more. This is for you. We do tons of events that require tables for sampling. These tables are sometimes a tequila brand, a winery, a brewery and our new events will require local restaurants and bars to get tables. You get paid for every brand you sign up.

Event Manager ($30/hr)
You must have experience in special events and festivals. We are looking for people that are intelligent, strong minded, kind, multitaskers and have the ability to run an event. Pay starts at $30/hr. If you prove yourself, you will be given a bonus on the events allowing you to make a lot more money. We also have new bar crawls being added and we are looking for managers to run them. Pay on these is a % of profits from the entire event.

Our events now are done with 1MillionHearts.org. We organize and help execute them. You will be paid by our charity on all events. We use a schedule app that you can download and once you are approved, you'll be added to the database and be able to pick up shifts as you see them come available.
Yes we look you up and see how you carry yourself 🙂