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Thank you for adding your business to our database. We will email you soon with updates on upcoming events so you can apply to the ones you are interested in.

Would you like to make some more money?
We have a way for your to eliminate your vendor fee. We have recently added a referral program. So now, you can promote our events and the ones you are coming to and actually get paid for everyone that buys a ticket to one of our events. Tell all your friends, post on your social media. You’ll just use a special link that tracks everyone that comes from you to our website.

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Once approved, you’ll get access the area and get your special link to use.

Just think, you want your friends and family to come to our events. Those people are going to come see you and buy something from you. So you are making money off the tickets they bought and you are making sales for your business.

You get 10% of the total ticket price. So on a $50 ticket, you make $5. Sell 10 tickets and you just made $50. Sell 30 tickets and you make $150 and that pays for your entire vendor fee.

We provide graphics and creatives for you to use for each event. So get signed up and start planning.

Remember, you can see all of our upcoming events on TasteCLE.com

Thanks so much for working with us
Adam Bossin