Food Trucks & Food Vendors Thank You

Thanks for Adding Your Food Truck

I wanted to personally say thank you for adding your food business to our database.

You are getting this email along with all the food trucks in our database which is almost 300. Over the years, we’ve worked with some of you and we are getting ready for the 2024 season.

First off, our team wants long term partnerships. We want to support one another, help one anothers businesses grow and create a better network. So we have created a few things that allows you to get more marketing for your truck and a way for you to make money promoting our events. We actually will pay you for every ticket you sell to our events.

Step 1

Any food truck that wants to be an option for our events needs to sign up to be a partner. This starts at $20 a month and your truck will be listed on our website and you’ll also get social media promotions every month. There are packages you can choose from that give you more promotion as well. But you do need to be a partner in order to be considered for our events. We do this because we want to work with people that are serious about their business and want to grow. You will get seen by thousands of people because of this partnership and no doubt get bookings.

Step 2

Once you are signed up for one of our partner packages, you’ll be emailed with upcoming events that you can apply for. These include the following….

May 25th and May 26th | Reggae Fest Cleveland | Downtown Cleveland
June 29th | Margarita Burton | Geauga County Fairgrounds
July 13th | Margarita Showdown Cleveland | Downtown Cleveland
July 29th | Country Fest Cleveland | Geauga County Fairgrounds
September 14th | Food Truck Fest Cleveland | Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds

We are also working on some other events and we do events in Columbus if you are interested in traveling.

Step 3
You will also get an email that explains our referral program. This is where we pay you 10% on all ticket sales you send us. You will get a special link to use and post it everywhere. Then when people click the link, they are sent to our website and if they buy a ticket to our event, you get credit for the sale. It’s really that easy. We have people making hundreds of dollars a month promoting our events. This will pay for your partner account and more.

In Conclusion

The whole point of this is to work together and generate revenue for one another. Of course everyone wants to get their food truck at the events. We totally understand that. However it’s impossible to get everyone there. But that’s why we created this. Now we have a way to work with you no matter what happens. If your truck isn’t selected for an event, you still can work with us, you still get promoted and you still can make money off our events.

Click the button below to get started. We will make you money, you will make us money and everyone wins.

Adam Bossin