Flats East Bank Offers Free Parking Deal

The typical $7 parking fee in Flat East Bank will now be cheaper thanks to a new parking validation deal that began February 1st.

Beginning now through April 1st, eight venues in Flat East Bank will be offering a free parking deal. To receive the free parking, participants must spend at least $50 at any of the eight specific venues after 3 p.m. only. This promotion will include Beerhead Bar & Eatery, Thirsty Dog Brewing, Margaritaville, LAGO, Backyard Bocce, Punch Bowl Social, and Dante’s Inferno. Customers then need to present their parking ticket at any of the eight venues and their parking fee will be discounted.

However, this promotion is specific to only the Flat East Bank and the participating venues. It will not cover the fee of overnight and garage parking. Lots near PunchBowl Social and Margaritaville will be used for the promotion. Valet for Alley Cat and Aloft Hotel will also be included.

Last summer there were a few complaints about parking. There was a recent parking ban that was initiated in July. The ban put restrictions on parking on streets like St. Clair Avenue and Old River Road.

Several individuals complained of being wrongly towed last summer. One individual commented, “I’m never going back down there, no, they will never get another dime from me because I spent a lot of money down there and then you towed my vehicle.” Hopefully, the new parking promotion will help customers find easier places to park and release the worries of being towed.

Flats East Bank Director of Marketing Heidi Yanok announced, “We are thrilled to offer this promotional perk to visitors coming to the Flats East Bank. Our goal is to differentiate ourselves and get people out and about in the wintertime. With upcoming events like Downtown Restaurant Week, our Third Annual Mardi Gras Crawl, and Valentine’s Day, we hope customers can enjoy their time here with the added benefit of free parking.”

Here is a list of the locations of all eight participating venues: Dante’s Inferno (1059 Old River Road.), Beerhead (1156 W 11th St.), Coastal Taco (1146 Old River Road), Backyard Bocce (1059 Old River Rd Suite 2), Lago (1091 W 10th St.), Thirsty Dog (1075 Old River Suite 2 Road), Punch Bowl Social (1086 W 11th St.), and Margaritaville (1150 Front Ave.).

The promotion, started by Flat East Bank Director of Marketing Heidi Yanok, will, hopefully, not only draw in customers to the Flats, but make it easier to find parking as well!