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Can't Find Your Tickets?

Our ticketing system will send you 2 emails. The first is the receipt for your transaction and the other is the actual link to the tickets you just purchased. Sometimes these emails may end up in your spam folder. The best solution for this is to add our company contact information to your address book in the email program you use such as GMail, Yahoo, Aol and so on. Here is that info, please add us as a contact and then in the future, all emails from us for tickets will come to your main mailbox. Taste CLE | General Email : info@tastecleveland.net | Customer Service : support@tastecleveland.net | Phone : 216-410-9168

Do I Need to Print My Ticket?

No you do not need to print. You can pull up your ticket on your phone and we can scan you in. As long as we can see the QR Code, we can get it scanned and check you in.

Are Tickets Refundable or Transferable?

All sales are final. No refunds for any event. Once you buy the ticket, the transaction is final. However, you are welcome to transfer or sell your ticket to someone else. Each ticket can only be used once. Our software tracks all check ins and it only allows it to be scanned one time. So you can sell it or transfer it to someone else and they can use it and we can just scan that ticket.
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