Make your search more accurate. This plugin will provide you with advanced filter placed on top of your search results. You can predefine filters in form of checkboxes in your admin and then assign your items to them.

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Every search is unique and every search can be more specific. Advanced filters display only options available for actual searched items and conditions. You can predefine as many filters as you want and only used ones will be shown.


Event Guide theme is tested & fully compatible with this extension plugin. This plugin is not required for your website to function and only needed if you require the additional functionality provided. This plugin is not bundled with the theme.

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  1. Stephanie Marinos

    I attended the Tequila Fest yesterday. All in all it was a nice event. We had VIP tkts…. the area was really lacking!! Only a tent on half of it, so it was very sunny. Just three high top tables. No place to sit!! There was a stack of folding chairs on a cart in the middle of it all. I took the chairs and set some up myself….others followed. There were longer banquet tables folded on the side that some other VIP ticket holder finally also set up. Pretty bad we had to make it better ourselves!! You expect VIP tkts holders to drink about 10 great tequilas in the sun without seating. Many there were commenting about how this VIP area was bad and a disappointment! Plus the area was difficult to find. It is like the committee didn’t give it enough thought, if any. My suggestion is that really need to up your game next year.

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