Add Your Show / Tasting

Taste CLE is offering your brand a chance go get seen by thousands of local Clevelanders. This is a great way to build your brand and generate sales. Not only do we broadcast to our entire Taste CLE following, we also push this to Taste PHX and other outlets. So regardless if you are a local business are a national brand, there is plenty of exposure.

All you need is a cell phone to do this show. Our app is free and you send the feed from your phone to our servers and we push to the world. You can upgrade by using a dedicated camera, mics and so forth. And we are happy to assist with the setup of your live stream.

We have two options for live shows. The one time tasting where people buy your product in advance for the tasting and we also offer local business owners in the Cleveland market a chance to promote your business to the Cleveland market.

Alcohol Brand Tastings

If you are looking to setup a tasting or your brewery, winery or spirits producer, we have a great way for you to get in front of people and generate guaranteed sales. Our tasting events are about an hour in length. We offer a live feed and chat room for guests to engage with the host of the tasting. Guests will purchase items in the tasting so they can taste with the host as they talk through the history of the brand, education on the item and specifics on the products being tasted. We also work with some local bars, restaurants and bottle shops to help push the event and allow them to fulfill the products needed for the event. With spirits, bars/restaurants can sell to-go flights of your brand to guests. This is great for two reasons. First off, it allows more guests to get involved because they don’t have to buy a whole bottle of something without knowing they like it. And the restaurants/bars are the ones buying bottles for the event which not only creates sales but gets you in the door for more permanent bottle placements.

Cost : $99 per show
All brands get their first show for free so they can see for their own eyes the value in doing live virtual tasting events with us.

Local CLE Business Show

A business can always use more exposure. And it’s hard to get your business in front of people’s faces. Most use posting on FaceBook and Instagram as their main advertising. Trying to advertise on the news, radio and magazines is extremely expensive as you’ll spend hundreds of dollars a month or so. Taste CLE has created a way for you to reach tons of targeted people that love food and drink. This is your chance to show off your business and what you are all about. Video has become the #1 way to draw people’s attention on the internet. More and more people are doing YouTube videos, FaceBook Live and more. It’s truly the best way to reach people. With our live shows, we push your event to all of followers via social media, newsletter and more. Want to get people in the door and visit you, do some live shows and get them excited to come by.

Cost : $99 a month (Up to 1 show a week)
First 5 people to commit to a bi-weekly show get the service free for 3 months